Mute an embedded Youtube video

Hi All,
I am making a prototype app for a pet camera. The only way I can demonstrate to my lecturer that the camera is ‘viewing’ the pet is by uploading my own video to youtube, embedding it using inline frame widget and hiding the controls so it looks clean and doesnt look like a youtube video but rather a live stream from a camera. Is there any way I could mute the video on click underneath thr video, by clicking the mute icon i have placed on the screen?

If not, does anyone know code or how I could add a html file to make this happen once it is uploaded to axshare? I am not a big coder, more a designer. Thank you.

Hi tiarnad,

It doesn’t look like the .muted property for <video> elements will apply to YouTube videos of an inline frame element. And so custom scripting with the YouTube API may be needed in that scenario. Here’s a post that came through in a web search:

Alternatively, a possible way to simulate a mute interaction in the prototype is to have two versions of the video autoplay: a video that’s visible & unmuted and a duplicate video that’s hidden and muted. When you click a widget to “mute”, you could dynamically stop the unmuted video (so that its audio stops), and then dynamically show the muted video in front.

Here’s a sample file: LoadMuteVideo.rp (49.1 KB)

and a screenshot of the mute URL parameter used in the frame: