Need assistance with Axure API

Our current process is to publish html locally and then use FileZilla to upload it to our server, where our team can view the mockups.
Our team lead wants us to change the process such that, we create a PR with the Axure RP file, which would then trigger a pipeline, automating the process that I spoke of.
For this purpose, I’m convinced that Axure RP API is the answer, as Axure doesn’t support command line.
The Axure RP API documentation also doesn’t mention anything about supporting RP 10 files

I would like to know the feasibility of using Axure RP API to automate our process, and whether should I use RP9 or RP10 for this.

This exact topic came up in another thread here recently: Build / commandline tools?

Short answer: No, I don’t think that’s currently possible short of a system that automates opening the file, and moving the mouse to the correct place to export the HTML.

I was told in an email exchange with support in late 2021 that the RP10 API was coming in “early 2022” seeing as how it’s mid-2024, I’m wondering if it’s coming out at all. Not that I think it would help you much even if it was out, IIRC the RP9 API is read-only and I’d expect the RP10 version to be much the same.

I keep hoping someone smarter than me figures out how to do your exact idea and puts it on Github or something.

Thanks for the response @bamorris. I did read your reply in that thread, was even looking forward to connect with you before I posted this thread.
Axure support got back to me on this via email. From their response and having read the Axure API documentation, following is my understanding :

  • Axure RP 10 is a no go as “Axure RP API is largely deprecated for Axure RP10” was their response. So I should stick with Axure 9.
  • Exporting the HTML version of the prototype, this can be done by building a custom .NET application using Axure API.

Based on this the plan of action would be RP file > Axure API (.NET application) > HTML files in repo > FTP to private server.

Building that .NET application is the challenge right now. If you’ve any direction with respect to that, please share.

My .NET knowledge is pretty old and I now I don’t think I’d understand how and where to use C# outside of Unity Engine.

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for something that might help but this is a bit out of my areas of expertise.

I’m curious about what in the API triggers an HTML export, I don’t remember coming across that in my digging through the .chm file that comes with it