Need help: DP not displayed properly in preview



Hi, last time I used Axure was years ago so I’m not sure what seems to be the problem.

I created a custom drop-down menu by using dynamic panels, it all worked at first but all of a sudden the state change isn’t displayed anymore.

Embedded the menu in a “button” called workshops on mouse enter it switches to state 2, which is supposed to show the drop-down, but it doesn’t. According to the Console it does as it is supposed to but the embedded DP won’t show up.

Quick help would appreciated :sob:


Solved it. In case anyone has the same problem:

View all states, click on the state in your viewer and scale the dotted line to full size/ size of the state

Could be a bug in my version or due to a lag but the state border was limited to the button instead of the whole state

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