Need help finding project on Axure Cloud for RP 10



I have a user that is no longer with the company that uploaded a file to our Axure cloud. I have the link and it works but I am unable to find the file when trying to download it from the cloud. This could be a permissions issue, but I am listed as an admin on the account. Does anyone have a clue how I can locate this file?


Hi Sharon! If you haven’t already, you can log in to Axure Cloud with the account you normally use and use the Search field to try looking up the project ID of the file you need. If the former employee had put the project in a shared workspace that was shared with your account then this should pull it up in the search list.

If the former employee didn’t share the workspace with you or if they put it in their private workspace, then you’ll need to access that account to get it. To do this, we usually recommend that you reach out to your IT team for help accessing the employee’s old email inbox so that you can reset the password from Axure Cloud and go retrieve the needed company prototypes. If this isn’t possible though then please send an email to and include the following:

  • The URL of the project you’re trying to access
  • The email address of the user who left
  • Confirmation in writing that you’re authorized on behalf of your company to request access to and retrieve the prototype in question
  • Details of what type of Axure Cloud you’re using (e.g. the regular public cloud, Axure Cloud for Business, or On-Premises)

The above will help to speed along the process by giving us the needed information to search for the account as well as the required authorization to proceed.

We’ll keep an eye out for that email if your IT team isn’t able to assist with accessing the account.


Thank you. This was very helpful. We are working the issue, but it looks like she saved to a private workspace on the server.

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