Need to search for a prototype / project across all workspaces

Over the years as the number of prototypes / projects / workspaces on Axshare has grown, it’s become very difficult to find old ones when I want to refer back to them. It would be really helpful if there was a way to search for a prototype by name and by Axshare URL.

Any change this is on the roadmap?..



Plus 100 on this request. In the meantime, this is my workaround:

  • Create a new Axure file
  • Hit the Share button, as if you are planning to share it.
  • Choose “Update an existing project” in the ensuing dialog
  • Hit the More button, labeled “…”
  • Don’t update an existing project! Instead, lookie here:

Lo and behold, you get a search box that lets you search your Axshare repository by name or project ID. Here I’m searching for anything with “repeater.”

I know—this is no replacement for a proper search on Axshare, because you then have to go to Axshare and browse your way to the prototype you found above. But better than nothing.

Hi @platypusman,

A search feature is included in the new Axure Share. This is live now and will work with your existing projects in Axure Share. To search for your prototype names and Axure Share IDs, type in the search bar at the top.

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