Need Wireframe/Template for News Article

I would love to use an existing wireframe/template for designing online content articles.
If you have one or can point me to one, I would be so grateful :).


Hi ediescottux,
here are few templates:
Blog Template 3 RP7.rp (145.3 KB)
Landing page Lite v2.1.rp (655.1 KB)
Kingsbury Prototype - Concept B.rp (219.6 KB)
Web_Widgets_v1.1.rp (1.2 MB)
webdesign.rp (528.5 KB)
WebParser.rp (2.1 MB)
Website Templet.rp (1.2 MB)
Website-Background.rp (1.3 MB)
Website-Carousel.rp (2.9 MB)
Website-FixedNav.rp (4.6 MB)
WebsiteTemplate.rp (85.5 KB)
library.ant.design_Web_3.0.rplib (9.7 MB)
Web_Widgets_v1.1.rp (1.2 MB)
WordPress.rplib (152.2 KB)

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Om gosh, thank you so much!

@bermanatalie, these are fantastic examples, thank you!
Specifically, I am looking to recreate an online article, that has a sticky table of contents to the right, a sticky top header and mainly a scrolling page for text and graphics. Like this:

Thanks again for your help.

Like that?
header.rp (140.9 KB)
Pin Navigation_EDIT.rp (1.1 MB)

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