Need you help in Hover color on grayscale page style

Hi All,
I need your help. I tried to create my page in grayscale through page style and everything is working except hover state color.
Can you please help me to solve this issue. I also attached the example for mouse over effect when we have grayscale style selected.

Dropdown.rp (62.8 KB)

Hi @Neegam,

Is this what you are trying to achieve?

If so, then it looks like your widget style for Entry_Field_MouseOver needs to be changed. It was set to #FFF - I changed it to a gray color.

Here is a modified version of the file:

Dropdown_modified.rp (62.9 KB)

Let me know if that’s what you were looking for.


Hi @skb,

Thanks for the reply. Actually, I need to create two option from a single element. One is colored and another one is grayscale. As per the inspector: Page option we can do that with a single click on the color icon and grayscale icon. I have created a color option, please check the attached two option.

In Color option everything is ok.

But, in grayscale option:

  • The input filed is working fine with hover and selected gray color.
  • In drop-down list Item, the select state is working fine BUT the hover state is still colored. I need this state also convert into grayscale automatically like the other options in it. Is there any solution? Please let me know if you need more details.

Source file:
Dropdown.rp (62.9 KB)

Hi @Neegam,

OK, I see what you’re trying to accomplish now. Thanks for the details.

I did a few tests, and it seems like when you check all the individual boxes in the MouseOver, it works fine, and everything goes to GrayScale, but when you use a widget style, the text stays colored.

Maybe there is an Axure bug with selecting widget styles in the mouse over?

If you switch it to individual styles, it works. Obviously, this is not very elegant or re-usable. Hopefully someone else on the forum can come up with a better solution… :slight_smile:

Here is the modified file: Dropdown_modified_with_tests.rp (82.9 KB)


Hi @skb ,

Thanks for the quick reply and the confirmation about my query. As you mention that this is a bug and you are right. I got the mail from Axure support team and they said that this is a bug. I also mailed the Axure support team and requested that it will be great if this bug gets solved and you inform us so that we will use this single click functionality for grayscale and colored prototyping which is one of the great features in it. In the main time, we will do through Interaction style - font color selection.