Nested Dynamic Panel

I don’t mind the new way of managing Dynamic panels with AX9 so much but one thing does bug me. If you have nested dynamic panels and you close an inner one it takes you back to the top. So I have a carousel DP with 10 further DPs inside it. To edit the inner ones, when I close, it takes me back to the main document rather than just up a level. Am I doing something wrong because this seems like a bug.

The in-place Dynamic Editor only seems to work in one way, which is either active or not. When you close any state of a Dynamic Panel, it takes you back to the top level by design. I can understand this as I think users who were two or three levels deep in Dynamic Panels might become disorientated if closing the editing state did not return them to the basic view.

I use either the small selector button at the top to switch between states within a DP, or the outline at left to move up and down through nested dynamic panels. This also helps me keep complex nested states clear in my mind.

Yes, it just seems odd that you can get to your destination one step at a time but you can’t back out in the same way. It’s like the back button on your browser taking you all the way back to the home page of a website.

I’ll use the outline though. It’s not something I use on the whole but it does make sense.

Not telling you how to structure your RP file, but maybe you can do with fewer nests? Panels in panels becomes very confusing after a while and it slows your prototype down. If you don’t need to change views inside a panel (just show/hide elements) grouping could do the trick?

Sorry, I know I’m not quite answering your question but…
Anyway, good luck.

I’m not sure that I can, to be honest. I have a DP which is 980px wide. Within that, I have another DP which is about 2000px wide. Within that, I have 10 DPs with 2 states (on and off).

So, on the front end, only clicking on the left and right arrows moves the 2000px wide DP left and right by 980px to expose a different section. Clicking on one of the 10 small DPs will turn it on or off and set a variable.

I might have a play. I think the 980px DP has to be a DP. The 2000px DP could probably be a group. The 10 smaller DPs with 2 states probably need to be DPs. So I might save one level?

The 10 small DPs - you’re saying On and Off states - this is different than “Show/Hide”?
If it’s just show/hide, then groups should do.

If I understand you correctly, the 2000 px panel moves within the 980 px one?
If you need things moving then I think you do need a panel.
Can you attach the RP file?

The off state shows an image and some text. The on state shows the image and some text with a green outline round them both to show that it’s on,

Yes, the 2000px, moves inside the 980px one. Thew 980px one acts as a window that you can see part of the 2000px one through,

I can’t show this, I’m afraid. I work as a contractor and this is a project which is embargoed until 2020.

I tried replicating what you mean.
I think I see what the problem is.
What I did, is I tweaked the Axure UI a bit and my Outline pane is on the bottom right, below the Interactions and Styles.
And I do exactly as davegoodman suggested, I move around the nested panels there.
The new Dynamic Editor take getting used to, but I see some of its good sides - like seeing what’s around the panel.
Good luck!

Hi! To add to davegoodman’s suggestion of using the selectors at the top of the inline editor as well as the Outline, if you press [Esc] on your keyboard this should allow you to step back one level at a time within the nested panel structure. Hopefully that helps!


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