New in version 10

These are some of the new features that you can explore in the beta:

  • View and edit multiple dynamic panel states at once in All States View
  • Create error style effects on form fields to more easily show error states
  • Apply constraints on widgets when resizing groups so they stretch and move (or stay locked) the way you want
  • Convert widgets to repeaters and connect data columns to widgets
  • Refreshed UI that makes it easier to find what you need
  • Experience improved performance on both Mac and PC
  • and more!

More information about the changes and new features found in RP 10 beta can be found at

A few features not yet implemented that are planned during the beta period that you might find yourself looking for:

  • Team Projects
  • Resize rules applying in the prototype for interactions
  • Repeater dataset allowing multiple row/column add/delete on multiselect


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How about the ARM version’s Axure?(M1 Macbook Pro)


When can axure tables merge cells like excel



Just downloaded the beta version and I’m very curious about the constraints feature. Where is it placed? Can’t seem to find it.

@PCH Create a group of widgets and then select one inside the group. You should see a section under the “Style” tab called “Resizing Constraints”.


More information about the changes and new features found in RP 10 beta can be found at

I feel like Axure RP9 just went public like a year ago. Was it not possible to add these features into 9 vs creating a new version? If we just upgraded from 8 to 9 in less than a month ago, can we get a free upgrade to 10?

Question about Repeaters.
Will the ability to connect a .CSV file to the repeater be a function in Axure RP10?

Thanks for your interest in RP 10! Axure RP 9 was released in April 2019. We’ll continue to support it for at least one year after the release of RP 10. We also plan to offer a substantial discount to customers who currently have license keys for their first year’s subscription.

Yes, we’re looking to add CSV import to repeaters.

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Are there plans to enhance the “components” feature. In its current state in RP10. It behaves exactly the same as what you guys used to call “masters”. :frowning:

The new features sound really promising. Many of them were suggested by me (well okay I guess also by many others). I’ll take some time to dive deeper into them.

Posting to note a few known issues from

  • Exception when optimizing a pasted screenshot - will be fixed in the next update
  • Generate HTML not opening the browser when pages contain non-Latin characters

Remote CSV would be even COOLER! +1

Options to add an effect on how the next page is loaded. Slide left/right/up/down,…
Useful in apps. The effects are already in Dynamic Panels but not from page to page.


Bug Report

I’m having issues using Global Variables. They’re being cleared when opening a link to a new page. Issue appears to only occur when using Safari. When using Chrome, global variables work correctly and do not reset.

Update: it looks like the issue resolves once you publish. However, when previewing your rp in Safari, I am experiencing issues with global variables resetting.

MacOS Mojave (10.14.6)
Browser: Safari
Axure 10 beta (

Hi Jamsoft,

Thanks for reporting this! I was able to reproduce the behaviour you encountered and have now filed a bug report for our QA team to investigate further.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Would like to know about this also. I would love to have a cloud library that I can change and for those updates to be reflected in any prototypes where library elements are used.

Hi ! Tanks for this update, I can’t wait to see the stable version coming out!
I’ve tried it a little and love the new editing$/drawing tools, very nice! Love the ability to constraint dimensions and position inside a group, it’s gonna be very useful!

I’ve noticed that the Corner options have disappeared from the style panel, is it because you plan to remove the functionnality or just because you didn’t had time to add it in the V10?

I was wondering also if there is a forum for those Beta version comments? I couldn’t find any. Thanks!

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