New interface is too bright


Can we please just have native MacOS dark mode support. This is the only app I use that blinds me and I spend an average of 6 hours a day starring at it. Please!!


Hi all,

Dark mode is here! You can find it in the beta builds 3626 and later.

To try out dark mode,
-On Windows, go to File > Preferences
-On Mac, go to Axure RP 9 Beta > Preferences
and look under “UI Colors”.

Let us know if you have feedback or if you find any problems.


My eyes hurt both in the dark and light mode. Bring the grey mode back PLEASE!
Also old input boxes were soooo much easier to use, these google material underline inputs are much, much harder to find in the tool panels - it simply makes my work slower comparing to RP8. The bad news is - once you opened your prototype in RP9 version - there’s no way you can open it back in RP8 T_T


For a tool that is meant for UX people I find it really peculiar that Axure made the choices they did for RP9 canvas controls in both light and dark mode. Neither are good for usability, especially if you use the software for hours at a time. I’m not bashing moving toward a modern look, but it could have gone to a more modern look and still allow for less draining design choices.

I didn’t care for “light mode” because everything was too washed out and the light emitted by the white screen too harsh. It was also a problem because the fonts were small and not especially high contrast. Nothing stood out except a few bright green icons. It’s like a big flashlight with a few grey ants crawling on it.

“Dark mode” only solves part of the problems the overall design has: at least there’s less of a flashlight blast into your face all day. However, the fonts are still really small, and not a very good contrast against the black, given the font size. Seeking a particular control or icon still takes extra concentration (compared to PR8 or even iRise cloud DC). Agree with inveritia, above, these Google material design form inputs that are an underline and carrot only are much harder to spot (compounded badly by the line being relatively low contrast).

Axure, please push an update to 9.xx that allows for larger fonts and ease up on the scintillating , wince inducing design.

FYI, PC Win 10 user on corporate issued Dell monitors. Don’t assume everyone’s got an awesomely color corrected ultrafine Apple display.


that’s right!!!