New interface is too bright

So title says all by itself. Left, right and top panels are white now and too shiny. In RP8 these panels were kind of gray color and did not distract my attention. I understand that new glossy-white panels are part of flat style or smth like that, but its realy hard to work on prototypes for long amount of time.


I think it goes beyond that and should include their choice of greys. They are too light and make it extremely difficult to see in well lit rooms.


I have the exact same feeling - I feat that spending days of intense prototyping with a dual screen setup will leave my face feeling quite frazzled.

I hope they include a dark mode soon, akin to Adobe apps etc.

Agree. The Axure team is inspired by Minimalist UI trading off some visual efficiency for that. Hope they make the change.

Second to that. I am really having some issues with such color. Please make it optional so user can choose from color scheme (bright/dark) that will suit him/her needs.


I generally like the new design much better than the very old fashioned of the previous version. For me its much more fun to work with the new design. Finally a modern and appealing design.

But I understand the requirement to be able to influence the design myself. Everyone has their own preferences.

Dark theme would be great.


I like it too. I’m just saying that it needs some tweeks. I certainly wouldn’t want to go back to the 90s look and feel. Oh and dark UI choice would be awesome.

Thank you all for supporting my ticket, guys! It would be good if they make side and top panels not so bright (maybe kind of light gray). Lets wait for answer from Axure team.


A dark mode would be very welcome, and add an even more “pro” look…

I will never understand why people like this “dark mode”. I always get eye cancer if a program runs only in dark mode :frowning:
And for programs that only offer a dark mode, my first feature request is a bright mode (that’s why I can understand that you demand it).

But what this has to do with a “pro” look remains hidden from me.

First of all, its totally OK if you prefer a light theme while you work! :slight_smile:

This article told me a lot about this :

The conclusions are that the software should adapt itself to the user’s environment; also, when natural light goes off (evenings / nights), reducing the amount of blue light on screen will help the brain to prepare for the sleep; also, for UI where lots of options are shown, a low contrast greyscale UI helps keep all the buttons in the background, and let the user concentrate more on the content than on the UI.

My experience is that whenever I work for hours and hours in front of a UI, high contrast variations between background and foreground (specially if there is text involved) makes me sick.



Any plans to integrate with Mojave Dark Mode?

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Completely agree. I understand Axure’s desire for the clean aesthetic of the new design. However the resulting effect is a bright white screen with wiry UI where your wireframes literally start to blend in with the UI of the app, not enough separation. Since I usually need to maximize the window, I’m staring at a full white illuminated panel for hours, it’s hard on the eyes for sure. Either support Apple Mojave Dark Mode or allow at least a light grey UI.

This really is as a must-have for Axure 9.


I don’t have concerns about the overall brightness - my concern is it is much harder to delineate the document area vs the inspector panels since everything is bright white.

Mac OSX Native applications tend to have a darker sidebar or inspector panel to indicate that it is secondary to the document view:

Since the sidebars are bright white, the actual document has less focus.


And it’s even more so a problem when you think about the viewing angle on your monitors. I have some monitors that are rotated 90 deg and the light gray on white causes everything to bleed together… not to mention I have to really use contrast adjustments when working late nights.

I also would prefer it if a dark mode was available.

Bright interfaces like that tend to give me ocular migraines (meaning I can’t work or even function as a human being), and I spend full days prototyping.
Needing to stop working every couple of hours to avoid that is definitely slowing me down!

I would also add to previous comments that in fact, it is not just the fact it is “too bright”, but the UI icons aren’t being placed / displayed in a way that it stands out and intuitively guide your eyes in it.

As an example, I need to overly concentrate to make sure I am not changing the shadow/border color instead of the fill color. I always have issues finding the font color and borders options.

This is just killing me. RP8 was better at this even though the overall look and feel was less attractive.

It needs to change.

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I agree the interface is too bright. Working for long hours I am sure that my eyesight has weakened. I picked up a blue light eliminator glass mainly due to Ax but it is still too bright. Please provide a old Ax color theme in addition to this.


Any changes in the future about interface colours? @Alyssa_Axure

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