Newbie Question (Interaction of repeaters placed on different pages)

Hi to All.
I am an absolute newbie if it comes to Axure, and I have an issue to solve.
I am trying to realize a classic function of “adding product to cart”.
I have created two repeaters “product repeater”, “cart repeated” and global variables related to repeater items.
When I’m trying to set “Add Rows” action to onClick case for “add to cart” button I don’t see my “cart repeater” in configure actions window. What I’m doing wrong?

Please tell me what I need to do to realize this function.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Poleg,

Welcome to the forums! It sounds like you’d like to create a shopping cart function in Axure RP using two repeater widgets. While this example was originally created in Axure RP 7, this tutorial and example file that Anthony posted may help:

In that example, one repeater is being used for the shopping cart and another is being used for the product listing, and items (repeater rows) are being added from one repeater to the other. Note that Anthony does include an extra bit about creating a “Drag to Add” functionality, but these steps are optional.

The process for setting up this type of interaction can be a little involved, so please let me know if you have any questions!

Hi, thanks for response.

Yes, that’s what I need to realize, but there is described how to do this when the both repeaters are placed on the same page.
How I can to do that, when my repeaters are placed on different pages?

Cart_EXAMPLEdifferent pages.rp (74.6 KB)

There is my example.
Can anyone check this out?

My Example.rp (596.7 KB)

Hi Poleg,

Thanks for clarifying that. Widgets on separate pages won’t be able to interact with each other, so unfortunately there isn’t a way to do this. You could try storing the information from a row of a repeater on one page into global variables and then adding the values stored in those variables as another row to the other repeater, however this may not be the best option if you’re looking to add multiple repeater rows across pages.

What you can also try is creating a dynamic panel with two panel states and then placing the content within your “Library” page and “Bookmarks” page into those separate states. You’ll then be able to target the repeaters in each panel state, as they would count as being on the same page. Let me know if you have any questions about this approach!