No click events are working inside a repeater




I have a problem with click events in a repeater.
We have a component where an click event is raised when I click on the component. This component is inside an repeater. Locally (RP10) everything works fine. When I share to axure cloud the click event is not working any more and there are no style changes with mouse hover effects.

Is there any known bug?


To help us confirm whether the issue you are seeing is a bug, can you please provide the .rp file where you’re seeing the click events not working in the published versions? Can you also let us know what build of Axure RP 10 you’re using?


I can’t share the project cause it conatins business information.
I was able to find out what the problem is. When I use component overrides the reapeaters are breaking and no interactions are possible with the content of the repeaters. When I remove the overrides everything is working. The override is one word made of ascii characters.


Ah, it sounds like you were able to isolate and reproduce the issue! We would be happy to investigate and file this bug so our engineers can look into fixing it for future builds. To help us be able to do so on our end, are you able to create and send over this setup in a new file so no sensitive information is included? Feel free to send us the .rp file at as well.