No footnotes on screenshot even if checked show footnotes on screenshot

when generating specification , there is no footnotes on screenshot for objects have interactions.
only those objects have notes have footnotes on screenshot.

but I want footnotes numbers on both screenshot and in widget table just like in axure rp 8.0.

My temporary solution is to give notes to all objects who has interactions .

I found the note! It was stuck to the right edge of my screen.

I didn’t realize I needed to scroll to the right to find it. :confused:

thanks! but I didn’t mean that, I mean the footnote in the specification word:

Hi 86168110,

Hmm, I see this working on my end when testing the visibility of footnotes in the Word specification screenshot for widgets that only have footnotes vs footnotes and interactions. Could you post your .rp file here so that I could take a closer look? Please also let me know the build of the 9 beta you are running (e.g. 3623). Ty!

my version is 3622, I also tried 3623.
Thank you!
FAQ.rp (115.2 KB)

the upper floor’s file is only one page of my work, and I found the specifications are very different, so I upload my real file——the2d page I put note only with space on some objects so I can get the footnotes in the specification.
by the way, please make your sentence easy, because my english is just so so. I’m not very understand what you mean " I see this working on my end when" .
Thank you!
faq-real.rp (563.8 KB)

Hi 86168110,

Thanks for attaching the .rp files! I see what you mean now. It looks like the 9 beta doesn’t give widgets that don’t have notes numbered footnotes, which I can see is problematic when generating the Word specification for those widgets. I’ll go ahead and pass this along to our product management team for further evaluation.

In the meantime, adding a note to each widget (as you’re doing) would be the best way to get those footnotes icons to show with each widget in the specification.