No viewport tag settings in RP9?



I haven’t used Axure for a number of years now but we’re running some unmoderated usability testing for new registration flows so figured I’d fire up the beast.

Once I was finished prototyping in RP 9 I headed over to preview settings to set a viewport tag so our prototype would magnify to fill larger screens. Lo and behold. Not a feature in RP 9! If I’d known I would’ve used RP 8!

Any chance of this (incredibly useful) for mobile app prototyping making a comeback in a future release or in RP 10?


Axure added a new “mobile prototype player” in RP9. To use it, set the Page Style width and height.

There is also this note regarding mobile prototypes and viewports:


Great tips thanks mbc66.

Unfortunately they don’t really work in our scenario.

Due to COVID19 we’re obviously running all of our usability testing remotely, and in some cases unmoderated. So we can’t be certain what screen size will be used and asking participants to manage the prototype player’s view settings manually is not really feasible.

Somewhat ironically the older version of Axure (RP8) from a time well before COVID was much better suited to this particular scenario :sweat_smile: — granted RP9 also came out well before COVID. Just hope something to help with this scenario is included in RP10.


I also really look forward to this opportunity in the updates. Because of this, I can not update to version 10.


TBH v8 was so much better its ridiculous. Did someone new take over afterwards? The UI was much better for actually doing stuff.