No way to change the style (bold) a text input onLostFocus?

Been searching and searching - it appears there’s no way to make any style changes other than uppercase/lowercase to a text input in the Fx area?

I’m trying to Bold text in an input when a user changes a value. It seems like there’s nothing I can surround my [[This.text]] with and text inputs aren’t supported by the “Rich Text” feature in Axure.

Is there anything I’m missing?

No, you can’t define individual style properties with actions, and you can’t define states (e.g., Selected or Disabled) of “Default Form” widgets like Text Fields.

You can fake this effect with a hack, though. Simple approach is to make two different text field widgets with identical size and location. One has normal font weight, the other has bold font. Place the second behind the first and if the text changes on the first, set the text of the second to match it and bring the second to front. It will appear as though the same text field just changed to bold font.

Or, for more robust and extensible styling, create a dynamic panel (dp) with as many states as you need for specific styles. As needed, change the dp to any state.

See this example for these two methods:
Fake Text Field Styling.rp (86.0 KB)


That did work as a workaround. Thanks!