Non-outline based droplists broken in Condition Builder and Interaction Styles

Hey there Axure.

I recently had some bugs pop up after my last update / upgrade.

MBP 13: 2017 running macOS High Sierra v10.13.6

V Team Edition

Possible condition:
I’ve got the latest version of Axure 8 and have also upgraded and installed Axure 9. However, I’m choosing to use 8 for various reasons.

Bug #1
When using the Case Editor to set a condition including a choice of ‘variable value’ or ‘length of variable value’, the drop list is all wonky. The list doesn’t update when I scroll except for the top couple of lines but they’re all jumbled up and the rest of the list does update as I mouse over each list item. This does not affect lists that are outline based such as when picking a widget.
Workaround: I’m using the option of ‘value’ and then selecting the variable I want through a formula. Time consuming

Bug #2
Similar to Bug #1
When I select an interaction style to edit (i.e. Mouse Down or Selected, etc…) the drop lists in the Interaction Styles editor panel are similarly messed up. This includes Widget Style and Font, though I expect any other list of this type would have scrolling would have the same issue.

Hi Hajimoto!

I wanted to let you know that this is a known issue that our respective teams have on file. While this bug is currently being investigated, I’ve gone ahead and added a note to the filed bug report regarding your experience with this behavior.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

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