Not able to open password protected axshare link in IE

When i want to open a axshare link in internet explorer it ask me first for my password. When i enter my password it will show my password.

After i press [View project] i need tot login to axure cloud?

In Chrome and firefox it’s working fine. What’s happening?

Thanks for reporting this! We’re able to reproduce the issue on our end and our server teams are currently investigating. The issue is specific to IE, so if you have access to any other browsers (Chrome, Firefox, and Edge should all work fine) then that should help as a workaround for now until this gets resolved. We’ll follow up when we have an update!

To update you, our team has just deployed a fix for the bug that was affecting IE. Please go ahead and try again; if you notice any lingering issues then please let us know. Thank you for the quick report!

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