Not able to "Update" prototype published to Axure Cloud

I am not getting the Update button as an option when publishing a project to Axure Cloud (after it’s already been published and has a URL). The button that is being displayed is “Done”, so each time I make an update to the file and publish to the cloud, I have to create a new URL. Anyone else having this issue?

Hi Mcastaldi,

Can you post a screenshot of the dialog that you see after you’ve published your project? I want to make sure that I’m correctly understanding what’s going on. Thanks!



Hi Mcastaldi,

It looks like something went wrong with the image upload–that link isn’t working for me. Try using the forum’s “upload” option when you hit reply (it’s in the toolbar above the reply area); if that doesn’t work, you can also send a screenshot to with a reference to this forum thread and we’ll work with you there. Thanks!