Not Working : Align Middle (Ctrl + Alt + M)

I made two rectangle shapes, then I wanted to align them. I hit the Align Middle shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + M)
Nothing happened. I tried all the other align shortcuts and they all work except this one. I had to click on the “Align Middle” button to make it work.

Is this a bug or am I missing something over here?

Hi gen1n!

Hmm, I’m able to see the Align Middle shortcut work successfully on my end. Do you have any custom keyboard mappings that could impact this shortcut? Alternatively, are you using a non-English keyboard?


I am using US international keyboard layout.
It is not the problem.
I am able to do all of those shortcuts in Axure 8 and have been doing so more than a year.
Just, Axure 9 is not letting me do it.

Even after updating Axure, the problem still persists.

I had the same problem, if it’s still actual, it’s maybe because of Nvidia Shadowplay that uses this shortcut for muting/unmuting microphone. Here is how to change it: