Notes not working when you publish as html?

Is it me or is there an issue with notes? - when i create a new page and add a note - when I preview or publish to Axure cloud it works great. - if i publish as HTML - the notes lose there interaction i.e when you click the number no pop up appears - am i doing something wrong?

Hi, I have the same problem. Have you found out solution? Or can anyone else help us?


I found solution that can help. You have to open your prototype from start.html then it should work. I think it’s because of linking to scripts etc.


Hi! By any chance when you find that the notes don’t open, are you viewing the prototype without the prototype player present? Notes depend on the prototype player being included in the browser (either opened or minimized), so if you happened to generate your HTML and then view the page without the player (e.g. by launching “home.html” or “page_1.html”) then notes won’t show. Launching “start.html” or “index.html” instead to include the prototype player should help!

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