Notes on groups or good workaround

I’ve run into a problem with something I’m trying to do in Axure and I’m looking for a good workaround.

I have a series of Team Libraries that we’ve been using to reuse repeated components across different projects. They’re very useful when quickly prototyping a new feature with an existing design system.

I want to add in some annotations that are focused more on invisible structural information, things like ARIA Landmark Roles. For example I have a navigation area. The menu items are controls but the group itself is invisible.

Workaround ideas:

  • Add a transparent background element that encompasses the whole navigation area to use as the thing to put annotations on. (Possible downsides: Overlapping annotation indicators i.e. the background and the right-most nav item, might be difficult to see to remember to edit - probably true of every workaround)
  • Add a transparent box off canvas left of the Library item. (Downsides: makes dropping controls into canvas a bit annoying. If I’m dropping a bar that stretches the whole width of page, I have to adjust after for width of box. Might not even appear on prototype since it’s off canvas)
  • Same as previous but box width is 0 (even harder to see)
  • box ideas as above but inside canvas (may run into issues with it overlapping with visible elements in control)
  • use a page annotation to describe key landmark locations based on Annotation # or Name (fiddly and annoying to manage over time as anno # and name change, problem multiplies when annotating more than landmark location, not part of design libraries)

Open to other suggestions or ideas, I want it to be visible on the prototypes without being annoying and I’d also like to be noticeable to my team so they remember to edit it if needed.

I would love to see Group notes added to RP10 (haven’t made the switch quite yet).