Notifications for people who are not members of workspace


  • RP8
  • Team project within a workspace which I am a member of, but not the owner.
  • Third party stakeholder has an Axure account but is not a member of our workspace.
  • Third party stakeholder has made some comments in a project while logged in with his Axure account.

Question: Is it possible for the third party stakeholder to receive notifications for replies to his comments if he is not a member of the workspace?

BR, Tom

Can anyone from Axure Support help please?

Hi Tomw!

Currently, the third party stakeholder would need to be a member of the workspace in order to receive notifications of replies to their comment. They can be added to the workspace as a “viewer only” meaning that they’d be unable to make edits to the projects contained within the workspace but they would then be able to set their own notifications preferences for those projects.

In any case, I’ll go ahead and show this post to our product team to let them know that you’d be interested in that kind of functionality.


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