Number formatting on a SUM

Hi there,
I can’t get the formatting to work on my last calculation. I’m adding three sums up and the $ and .00 that I want to add disappears.

$[[LoanAdvAuthAmountSum + CommAuthAmountSum + ConnAuthAmountSum.toFixed(2)]]

Further to this I was stoked when I saw this thread: Currency Formatting!

But am unsure how to implement the commas. Ideally I’d like my numbers to be formatted like: $50,000,000.00 but would take just $50,000,000 if that makes it easier.

Here is my file.Calculator3.rp (507.6 KB)

Hi Luxxer,

You can insert commas into the appropriate places by using the toLocaleString JS method, e.g.:


If you wanted to do this using the sum of three values, then you would do the sum calculation first:

$[[((LoanAdvAuthAmountSum + CommAuthAmountSum + ConnAuthAmountSum)*1).toLocaleString()]].00

Calculator3_EDIT.rp (509.4 KB)

Thanks so much for your help.