On Hover Actions cause flicker interaction

Whats the intent:
When use hovers over a Row, Show some actions ( A Group with few icons).

Interactions I have added :
I have added 2 cases:
1 for MouseEnter
1.1 Move the Group on top of this Row and then
1.2 Show the Widget.
2 for MouseOut
2.1 Hide the Widget

Snapshot of Interactions…

It was all good till the time i had no actual interactions on that group. But now i have.

So when i hover on the Actions group, they flicker and as i understand this is caused because

However, this is causing an issue. When the mouse pointer hovers over the actions group it starts to flicker…


Would like to get some suggestions on this.

Hover interactions can be tricky.

When a widget with a hover interaction has something on top of it sometimes it tends to flicker. Which makes sense because technically the mouse is performing OnMouseOut when it enters something else.

I’m trying to recreate the flicker but can’t haha. Depending upon the severity, sometimes I’ll lump things into dynamic panels and set the interaction on that.

Interesting… attaching the flickering example if you may want to have a look :slight_smile:LetsFlicker.rp (73.0 KB)

Maybe like this?

LetsFlicker.rp (69.2 KB)

The Dynamic Panel controls the showing and hiding of the icon buttons.

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Thanks a lot. This is good and clean.

However, comes with its own cons. If i need to make changes to the actions group ill have to go to each one of them and do that…

Tried making actions-grp a master and it fails and i’m not aware of how to show masters within a dp.

Hi SNaushadS!

You can convert the action-grp into a master so that you can edit the icons from one location. The only other thing you will need to do is edit the OnMouseEnter/OnMouseOut of the dynamic panel to target the visibility of action-grp. I’ve edited jlhelmers’s post to show this - hopefully it helps!

LetsFlicker_EDIT.rp (72.0 KB)