On move on a weather chart

Hello everybody,

I have a small issue with the OnMove.
I created a chart with the historical temperature (aka line chart in excel ;o). And when I put the cursor on the line, I would like to display some info about the weather for a certain date and when I continue on this line, the panel info follows the cursor.

So, on the different parts of my line, I put some hot spots (because my line is not right). I created a dynamic panel with different states giving info per day.

On the hot spot, 2 behaviours:
onmouseover: show panel_weather_info and set panel “date e.g. 23Feb”
onmove: move panel_weather_info to (([Cursor:x - This.x]],[[Cursor:y - This.y]]).

I generate the file and nothing happens…

Could you help me please?

Thank you.
Kind regards.

Can you share your file? Hard to say what the problem is if there’s nothing to see.

Hi @Jonathan_Lemmens,

I think you have mistaken Move (action) with OnMove (trigger)

The OnMove activates when the widget is moved

Here you show the panel OnMousHover because your mouse is over the widget but you don’t move it

copy/paste “move panel_weather_info to (([Cursor:x - This.x]],[[Cursor:y - This.y]])” on OnMouseHover and it should work

By the way why do you use “-This.x” in the formula when you move the panel and not only “Cursor.x”.
It will most likely move your DP on the top left of your canvas on not above your hotspot

In Axure it’s “Cursor.x” (with a dot “.”) and not “Cursor:x” (with colons “:”)
It might cause issues too

PS3: and yes, [quote=“nkrisc, post:2, topic:54142”]
Can you share your file?

it’s easier to debug :sweat_smile:


Yes sure
weather.rp (158.6 KB)

PS1: I saw some advices during my searches and I tried

PS2: I sued that to explain my case

PS3: Thanks

Here @Jonathan_Lemmens :
weather_V2.rp (164.0 KB)

Happy Reverse engineering :grin:


Thank you for your assistance !!!

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