OnClick event does not work on mobile device ( I Pad Mini)


i am working on a prototype in Axure RP 8.

For testing it i am using an I Pad Mini with IOS 12.2. ( Also tested it on an I Pad with IOS 12.4 , but there was another problem why i now use the older version.)

On one page i have an OnClick event that controlls two dynamic pannels which wrap their state every second, but they both do not work on the mobile device.

When i test it on my computer there is no problem. The states also have some conditions.

On the same widget is one OnLongClick event which controlls the same dynamic pannels , which works fine.

Is there a possibilty to fix this problem?

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Are you trying to detect multiple events, like OnClick, OnLongClick, OnDrag, etc.? They can collide with each other. It could be that iOS, or the browser/app used on your iPad is handling events in a different order (or differently in general) than that on your desktop. Perhaps your OnClick event gets ignored when the OnLongClick event is cleared (the screen touch is released before OnLongClick would fire.)

When trying to handle click events inside a dynamic panel (especially when using OnDrag or OnSwipe events as well) i have found it is more reliable to use OnMouseUp (or OnMouseDown) event instead of OnClick. You can easily test this by copying your OnClick interactions to OnMouseUp.

Thank you. You were right that the events OnClick and OnLongClick collide. So i was able to fix the problem.

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