OnDrag Move extremely slow/laggy


I created a circular menu for a touch based application. It is going to be used on a touchscreen-table and I want people to be able to move the menu around. I created an OnDrag Action which allows to move the menu to any corner of the screen. It works, but it is extremely slow. If I drag it to another position, it takes about 2 seconds to actually change position. I guess that is because the structure of the menu is quite complex (the file is only 167kb in size, but it has lots of dynamic panels and groups). I tried the OnDrag Action with a simple square and it works fine. I wonder if anyone has any idea on how I could make it less complex (is it better to use groups instead of dynamic panels? pngs instead of svgs or axure-internal elements?) and make it move without lagging.
Any idea would be appreciated.


I usually steer away from using groups for reasons like this. Select the group, right-click it, and choose Convert to Dynamic Panel. Then drag that panel instead of the group. On my machine (a mac running Chrome) there is no longer any lag.

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Hi josephxbrick,

thank you, that really changed it a lot!!! So it seems that Dynamic Panels are easier to handle for Axure than groups (in reasonable amounts, of course).

Have a nice day!