One button for several Payment methods


Hi there,
As part of a project that I have, I need to create a page that includes several payment methods.
The usual - selecting a payment method (paypal, payoneer, credit, etc) and click on “proceed to payment” button. If I checked the PayPal method > lead me to PayPal, if Payoneer then their site and so on…
How do I do that? Is that an IF/THEN thing? If so, what do I need to write exactly in the condition builder?
Will appreciate your help! Many thanks


The simplest way is to make the button a Dynamic Panel, then add a different button state for each possible payment method. Each state can have its own styling and link destination. Here’s a good Dynamic Panel tutorial.


You can change the text of button when any payment button is selected, then check the text on widget(the button) and then move to different site

Set text on button = PayPal etc

Add conditions that checks the text on the widget


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