Ongoing costs once my APP is developed

I have downloaded the trial version of Axure RP 9 and it seems to do what I want, a very basic app. I managed to create some of the functionality using just your online help which was excellent as far as I was concerned so I know I can build the rest. If I develop my app over a few months, once its created and I assume published somewhere, do I need to keep on paying the monthly fee. I do not intend on building any more apps.
PS I am not a programmer so keep it simple please.

I’m not sure I completely understand what you mean, but Axure isn’t intended to create apps (or anything else) for a live production environment. But once you have used it to create a prototype and/or specification for what you want, you can stop paying the subscription, certainly.

thanks for the fast response. Actually its created almost every I needed, a simple scoreboard in my case, just looking to add a stopwatch now. I have published the file and it works fine on my phone and tablet and embedded in my website so I am the actual happy bunny… I just need to see if it will let me save the published file locally. I will probably take the software for a few months as it really easy to use. I get that its not a app development tool but its gives me everything I want.

Ok sure. You can stop paying the subscription once you get to the end of it. You realise of course that you can’t then change the app once that happens, but you can host it forever no problem.