Onload not executed in snapshot?

I am using a snapshot, to show another page in a user flow.
It appears that the onload is not executed?

Take a look at “Applied Actions” for snapshots. The option is really hard to see:

There you can use the “Fire Event” action to “Page” > “OnPageLoad”

Thank you,
I tried, but it does not work.
Maybe because the event that needs to be fired is in a master?

In the example, I have used snapshots of a wireframe in a user story. The wireframe uses a master which sets the title. In the onloading of the master, the title is set, corresponding to a global variable, which is set in the wireframe.
This is not picked up when previewing the snapshot. This would take a lot of work.
(sorry, the project is in dutch, but terms like titel and sectie, simply correspond to title and section in english)wireframes onpageload in snapshot problem.rp (649.4 KB)

I hope I do not have to fire everything when using a snapshot? This would

I I don’t exactly know why the OnPageLoad isn’t cascading all the way down to the master but you can use raised events to work around it.

Raised events are only available for masters and you can think of then as kind of “event variables.” They’re very useful for when you want to use multiple instances of the same master on the same page but want them to do different things (Axure Docs - Raised Events).

In the “App structuur” master’s OnPageLoad event, add a raised event. Go to the “Vdex-lijsten overzicht” page and click on the “App structuur” master. You should see the raised event in its properties. Set it to change the section title to the global variable. Now go to the snapshot’s Applied Actions and have it fire “App structuur’s” raised event.

On a related note, I noticed you’re generator configuration is set to always show case names. This could also be causing some strangeness because the snapshot can’t “click through” each case that’s loading.


I tried several things, and it works, but imho it is rather clumsy and error prone. It looks like the snapshots are a feature that is not thoroughly investigated at implementation.

test onloads propagated to snapshots.rp (176.8 KB)