Onload Scroll to Widget not working in Axure 9

Scroll to widget not working in Axure 9 during onload of a dynamic panel. Do we have any other alternativeonLoad ScrolltoWidget.rp (58.5 KB)


There is an issue with scrolling to widget OnLoad in Axure 9. Try placing a Wait 0 ms command just before the Scroll to widget command, which was the solution recommended by the Axure staff.

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Hi all!

That’s correct, there is a known issue that we are currently investigating where scrolling to a widget OnLoad is not functioning as expected. I’ll be adding a note to our filed report regarding your experience with this behavior. The workaround josephxbrick mentioned, where a Wait action is added before the Scroll to action fires, should do the trick in the meantime! :slight_smile: Thank you!

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