OnPageLoad - three different global variables

Here is the problem I’m facing. It is quite urgent.

I have implemented three interactions On Page Load. Each of them is conditional (if variable is smth do this).
First and second (Case 1 and Case 2) works and third (Case 3) doesn’t.

When I changed an order: Case 2, Case 3, Case 1 than Case 1 doeasn’t work.

PLEASE HELP ME because I’m stuck

Hi PiotrJatk,

From your screenshot, it looks like the issue is occurring because the third is an “Else if” case that checks for another, separate global variable (Historia_statusu) other than the first two (Ekran_dowodu_wydany). So if the value of Ekran_dowodu_wydany were to equal “3”, then the second or third case wouldn’t execute. If the value of Ekran_dowodu_wydany were to equal “2”, the first and third case wouldn’t execute. There isn’t a way for the third case to execute if either of the first two cases are true. You’ll see that the third case will execute if Ekran_dowodu_wydany were to equal something other than 2 or 3 when the page loads.

If you wanted the third case to execute in addition to Case 1 and Case 2, then you’ll want to change the third “Else if” to “If”. You can do this by right-clicking on Case 3 and selecting “Toggle IF/ELSE IF”:

This will change the condition of the third case in which it is to execute that it does not need to depend on the first or second case preceding it.

Last, for any urgent questions you may have, please feel free to email us next time at support@axure.com for a faster response. Ty!

Thx Jane. You have solved my problem :slight_smile: