Onscreen Footnotes are Not Permanently Hidden

When viewing a prototype, there is the option to hide notes/footnotes that have been placed on widgets. But I am finding that if I hide notes and then sort or filter a repeater, the blue-box notes indicators (at least those on the repeater) become visible again.

This seriously hinders my ability to use the prototype for user demonstration and testing while at the same time making detailed documentation within Axure. My pages become a mass of blue squares, unusable by the visitor to the prototype.

What am I doing wrong? Is there a right and wrong way to turn the display of footnotes off and keep it offr?

I’m using Axure, and I see this behavior in Firefox 65.0.2 (64-bit) and Chrome 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (32-bit), as well on another user’s screen I presume using Chrome.

Thank you!

The “undesirable” behavior happens whether or not the sidebar is hidden, afaik.

Hello @wjh,

Did you try turning them off in your Axure itself?
View --> Show Footnotes

If this problem persists, can you post your RP file please? I will be able to help you better.

Hi! It looks like you’re running into a bug. When the footnotes are turned off via the “Notes” tab in the prototype sidebar in the browser, they should stay off for all widgets; the fact that repeaters are turning their own back on seems buggy, so I’ve gone ahead and filed this with QA for further investigation. We’ll update this thread with any additional information as it comes up, but otherwise please keep an eye on the 8 beta channel updates thread for posts about new bug fixes.

In the meantime, if you need the footnotes to remain hidden while working on your repeater, you can go to “Publish > Generate HTML > Widget Notes” and disable the “Include Widget Notes Footnotes” checkbox. This will prevent any footnotes from showing on widgets in the browser, but your widget notes will still be viewable in the “Notes” tab of the sidebar if you leave “Include Widget Notes in Sidebar” enabled. Hopefully that helps a bit!

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Disabling “Include Widget Notes Footnotes” is working as a workaround to the problem, thank you.

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Probably not needed at this point, but this very simple .rp file demonstrates the problem.Demo Of Notes In Repeater Bug.rp (64.8 KB)

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