Open droplist on click on hotspot

Is it possible to open a droplist after clicking on a hotspot? There is a ‘set focus’ action, but the set focus does not open the droplist.

I can’t understand for your requirement. Can you tell me what you are trying to achieve?


Hi pieterh,

It doesn’t look like it’s currently possible to trigger the opening of the droplist widget by clicking on a hot spot (the click has to be on the droplist itself). It looks like this is one of the limitations of using a Form widget, since the behavior of these are determined by the browser. If you’d like though I can pass this issue to my product manager to see what we can do to get around this issue.

In the meantime, you can achieve the result that you’re looking for by creating your own droplist widget. If you create your own droplist as a dynamic panel with different states, you can set the OnClick interaction on the hot spot to open the state of the droplist that has your selection options. I’ve attached a small sample file that should help to illustrate this idea. Hopefully that helps!
Custom Dropdown Menu.rp (80.5 KB)

Is this planned as a feature?

Hi Mariano,

There aren’t set plans yet, but we can still evaluate ways to potentially get around the default behavior of the HTML drop-down. Feel free to post a sample RP file that demonstrates the project you’re working on, though. Our team can take that into consideration as we evaluate solutions. Thank you!


We tend to spawn native browser input controls but don’t want to put the ugly out of the box html input controls in front of users / testers. Would like to be able to trigger drop list inputs (etc.) from a hotspot or image etc.

Hey, I’m totally new here, but I did do something like this when I simulated a type ahead.

I added a Repeater widget and populated it with data. The data had a name field and a category field. You could have all your drop down options as rows in the repeater dataset, and all the Categories as “Showme”.

To start with, (on page load?) set the filter of the repeater to “category = ‘xxx’”. Then when you click the hot spot, change the data filter to "category = ‘Showme’ and they will all show. you can put an OnClick event in the repeater from there…

just my 2cents.

Updated 2/17/2017:
I tried this and it does work. Except for the hot spot action, just remove the filter, unless you have your drop down list containing more than one category of data.

+1 Definitely need this feature.

Normally I would create a droplist widget by myself and use it, and if we want to stimulate the native drop downs in mobile (iphone and android deal with dropdowns in unique ways, I will have to use the droplist widget from Axure Defaults.

What currently is missing is the ability to open up the set of options trigger by a different event - like clicking on a hotspot, or closing another drop down, etc.


I’ve made something that has a custom button to trigger then uses the native browser drop down list. It’s not perfect because you need to click twice to activate but if anyone can work out a way to have it open from firing an event to it then that’d be cool.

custom-button-with-native-browser-dropdown-select.rp (53.4 KB)

+1 to add as a feature or allow us to set the background of droplists.