Open dynamic panel in new tab

Until Axure 8, double clicking a dynamic panel opened a state in a new tab. Now, with V9, the panel opens in the same view.

This is very bothersome with multiple dynamic panels with multiple states, each in the same page: I’m spending a lot of time navigating back and forth from panel state to panel state, where I would have just gone to another tab in Axure 8.

Is there a way to bring back the old behaviour in Axure 9?

Thanks for any help!

This was one of the most interesting design changes in Axure 9 and I’ve been wondering how people would take to it. Personally, I’m a fan though because you can now see each state in context.

However, I see what you mean about the increased “drilling” needed to skip from a state of one panel to the state of another (eg nested) on though. You have to click through all the parent states to get to the child.

Hmm. And the “outline” panel has gone now too… :thinking:

My problem comes from a particular design where I have dynamic panels 4 levels deep. This means that If I’m on my main screen and want to edit a “leaf” panel I have to do a number of clicks to get there.

And then you have the same problem you’d have with a file explorer without visualization of hierarchy: when you’re in a given place, it takes a lot of mental effort to remember how far back you need to go and how to branch.

IMO that’s a clear step backwards since any complex interaction requires multiple levels of nested dynamic panels.

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Hi Jon and all,

I too am a fan of the way dynamic panels can now be edited in context.

However, I don’t think this is any excuse for losing the ability to edit multiple panels at once and on balance this is a step backwards for the reasons others have already outlined.

The solution is, I think, pretty simple - at least in principle. Just like with most browsers where you can open the URL from a link in a new tab if you wish, you should be able to open an Axure panel in a new tab if you wish - by, for example, holding down the Command key (on an Apple machine) at the same time as opening the panel.

This would leave us able to edit whichever panels we wish at once, all shown in context.

Hi guys,
I’m also torn between hating/liking the changes made in v9.
As for your issue - one thing that i did find useful is that with one simple click on the OUTLINE panel you can reach any element immediately - doesn’t matter if its a panel within a panel within a repeater 5 levels deep.
This make jumping in and out of panels much faster

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