Opening an axure RP 9 file in axure RP 10


I recently started at my new organisation. On my first day, they didn’t yet have the Axure licensing details to share with me.

So I could start working, I downloaded Axure RP 10.

After 3.5 weeks, I then received the licensing information. But because my organisation only has An Axure RP 9 license and (as I have just discovered) Axure RP 10 won’t open Axure RP 9 files, I can’t bring my 3.5 weeks of work across.

Is there anything at all that you can do to help me?

Hi @Adri

Axure RP versions are backward compatible and .rp files are able to be upgraded, sequentially, to newer versions. Unfortunately, RP is not forward compatible and .rp files cannot be opened or downgraded to previous versions.

If you wish to work with your .rp files created in RP 10, then you can either continue working in RP 10 or recreate your work in RP 9.