Opening RP 8 team projects, or saving them as RP 9

We previously use Axure 8, and have a structure of team collaboration projects on our servers that we worked on.(non webservers, file locations) Now we are trying to get those team projects to Axure 9 but it doesnt seem to work anymore like that? i cant just get and open team file from serverlocation?
do i seriously need to buy enterprise n whatnots?!

Hi Zariel! Any Axure RP 8 team projects will need to be upgraded to the RP 9 file format before you can work on them in RP 9. The steps for upgrading teams projects are listed out in the reference doc linked below, but please let us know if you have any questions about that process!

hi Connor
yes i exported the project as a file, opened it in RP 9.
then when i go to save as teamproject, it asks me for a location, i cannot choose our previous locations cause its asking me for a http adress. As soon as i try to enter our server location with \servername\share it adds http. We are not using cloud, and have no desire to use it either. We shouldnt have to buy a standalone solution to use our Team version now should we?

Hi Zariel! Ah, if you were previously using an SVN server, that is not a supported feature with Axure RP 9, as team projects will have to be hosted on Axure Cloud. If your team has security requirements that don’t allow you to use the public Axure Cloud, please feel free to reach out to our sales team at to learn about more options.