Overlapping text/widgets on mobile




I’ve been developing a new prototype for a mobile view. I’ve tested it on different devices and different browsers. I’m finding that on some devices (happening on both apple and android) there is overlapping of text and widgets (see attached screenshot) at times.

Does anyone know how to fix this so that the prototype will display properly on all devices?

I noticed that there was some whitespace in places which I removed but it hasn’t seemed to have fixed the issue.

With thanks,

The issue can be seen on the beta_mobile page


mobile_in-page_nav.rp (3.7 MB)


Hi Pete,

Thanks for posting and for also emailing us directly about this. As mentioned in our conversation we were able to reproduce this issue on our end and have filed this bug for our teams to investigate.

It looks like when there is a lot of text on a widget with a very large height, the text may appear differently when previewed. This is also influenced by different screen sizes as well.

As a workaround, you can split up larger height text widgets into smaller ones.