Padding bug with certain fonts


test.rp (65.7 KB)


I’m not sure what happened to the body of my message. The issue I’m reporting is that top and bottom padding in boxes disappear during preview in a browser, when using certain fonts, such as SF Pro, or Flow (a prototyping font that shows only black rectangles). Furthermore, using a non-problematic font such as Inter triggers the issue if a problematic font is mixed within the same box.

I’m on a mac.

Take a look at the enclosed test file to get a better idea. You will need the SF Pro and the Flow fonts ( Browse Fonts - Google Fonts)


Hey@ae1337, I’ve tested your file, and I cannot see this behavior when I locally preview it. Is there any chance you meant the published project in Axure Cloud instead of the local preview? If so, can you please share the link with me? Can you also attach a screenshot of what you see and share what OS is installed on your machine? All this information will help us to reproduce the issue on our side!