Page exit event

Is there a way to fire an event whenever a page is exit (opposite of loaded)?

Do you have a concrete example you could explain?

In general, I’d say this is only possible if the user exits the page by interacting with a widget or event on that page, such as clicking a button. Then you can place interaction code prior to an Open Link action. But, if the user clicks the browser Back button or just closes the browser or tab, there’s not much you can do.

I suppose you could use the Loaded event of other pages to test the value of a global variable and act accordingly. So, let’s say that when Page 1 loads, it sets OnLoadVariable to [[PageName]]. Then, if a user navigates to Page 2, a conditional case in Loaded could be "If value of OnLoadVariable is equal to ‘Page 1’ " then you know that Page 1 has been exited prior to loading Page 2, so fire your event --and then maybe set OnLoadVariable to [[PageName]] if you need to track when Page 2 is exited.