Page is jumping to an embedded iframe on page load


Having trouble with a prototype.

When I get to a particular page in my prototype the page loads and then immediately jumps down to where I’ve embedded a particular iframe.

But I’m using multiple iframes throughout my prototype and it’s only doing it for this specific iframe. If I copy this iframe and paste it to other pagers it happens on those pages too.

The contents of the iframe is a form - but so are all of the others that aren’t causing issues so I don’t think it’s the type of content with the iframe.

Has anyone ever run into this?


Sounds strange. But you may try an override: Add a OnPageLoad interaction with Scroll to Widget, f.i. a top (hidden) HotSpot or anything else that’s y=0. You might need to add a Wait action first, like just a few mS, The page might jump, but at least you can use it for demonstration.

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That worked!

It appears as though Axure is jumping down to it because it’s the last piece of content to load on the screen. Provided I set the wait time long enough to allow the content in the iFrame to load then it works (2000ms). Anything less than that and it won’t work.


Hi ddriscoll,

That does sound strange! Would you be able to post your RP file here for me to test? Please also let me know the browser you’re using, the build of RP 8 you’re running (e.g., and the version of Mac or Windows. Ty!