Page transition feature request

Like the plethora of prototyping tools out there that already have it, does anyone know of plans to incorporate page transitions into interactions? Considering most mobile OS and JS frameworks/libraries (React etc…) heavily utilize this kind of functional animation.

Hi mikamika!

Would OnPageLoad or OnLoad interactions help with the kind of transitions you are interested in? These interactions can fire as a page or widget is loaded, and could be used to implement animations for widgets such as dynamic panels that are placed on a page. You can find a tutorial on creating similar animated screen transitions here:

Hi Chelsea,
I have tried this before in RP 8 and have found that when it transitions from screen to screen it can get a little glitchy (e.g. you see a flash of white on the artboard and then is starts to animate).
Not sure if this has been rectified in RP9?

Hi mikamika,

Hmm, were you experiencing this white flash on the artboard while your project’s sidebar was open? In Axure RP 8, when the sidebar is open, the page’s contents are wrapped in an iframe, which can take a short moment to load in the contents of the page. If you use a link to your project where the sidebar is closed, the page’s contents should load without the iframe. Adding “#c=2” to a published Axure Share link, for example, will load your Axure Share project without the sidebar.

I hope this helps some!

Hi Chelsea,
I just gave your suggestion a go this morning and it still has the same issue. I can only assume it’s due to the browser having to reload the page.

Hi mikamika,

That’s correct. In this case, the white flash would be due to the browser reloading the page. I’ll be happy to file a feature request with our teams about this issue on your behalf!

The link in this thread doesn’t work anymore. Do you have another one where I could see how to set this up?

Hi bildiko,

Ah, thanks for letting us know! The tutorial discussed in the previous post can be found here:

Mobile-specific tutorials for Axure RP 9 can also be found here.

I hope this helps!

Thanks. Is there a smarter way to do it in Axure 9, where you can transition between actual pages? My mobile project has multiple pages and I really wouldn’t want to move it all into a string of DPs.

When talking about them, it’s easier to just link to a page, but when demoed, the experience is not “mobile-like” without being able to slide left-to-right between pages for example.

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Hi, that Axure 9 link gives me a 403 Forbidden error.

Hi bildiko!

Thanks so much for letting me know! :slight_smile: I’ve just updated the link in the post above to direct to this link. Please let me know if you are able to access this link instead.

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