Page transition timing

My question is, is there a way to make transition from one page to another as quick as transition from one state to another?

No. Loading a page will always involve a “flash” to the browser’s default background color and time to load code and assets. You can use dynamic panel states to represent entire web pages or app screens, which will result in longer initial page load but make your “fake page loads” fast and/or with animated transition effects.

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Okay, thank you very much.
If I may ask, the interaction type called OnPageLoad, is there an equivalent type of such interaction in State?

Each widget has a Loaded event (was named OnLoad in RP8) which is basically equivalent to Page Loaded (as each widget gets loaded when the page gets loaded.) However, in your case, if you are “faking” a page as a state in a dynamic panel, then that “page” gets “loaded” whenever the dynamic panel changes to its state, so you would use the dynamic panel’s Panel State Changed event with conditional case logic like:

Panel State Changed
Case 1
If state of This equals State1
(do your stuff)
Case 2
If state of This equals State2
(do your stuff)

…and of course, you can rename State1 and State2 to something like “Home Page” and “About Page”

Now, if your dynamic panel’s first (default) state is a “page” and you need some “page loaded” code right off the bat, you could either copy and paste the code from Case 1 to the Loaded event (and remember to maintain both identically if anything changes) or keep the Case 1 code as is, and just trigger it from the dynamic panel’s Loaded event like so:

Fire Event
This fire Panel State Changed

…which will essentially fake a state change of the dynamic panel with your fake set of pages :grin:

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This is great, I cannot thank you enough. Thank you very much!