Pages not appearing in shared prototype

So I’ve just updated to Axure 9 and published a couple of prototypes on axshare and I had hoped to have the player/sidebar open with all the pages listed.

After a few attempts there seems to be a bug that is hiding the list (unless it is by design).

I’ve tried with a new file, all the pages have been published etc. The pages even show up when something is entered in the search field.

Any thoughts on what to try next?

Edit: I fear it has something to do with this:
<li class="sitemapNode sitemapLeafNode" style="display: none;">

When you go to publish to Axure Cloud, you should see a list of all of the pages and folders in your project on the right of the Publish popup. The ‘Generate All Pages’ box should be ticked. If it’s not, then not all of your pages will be included in the generated version.

Thanks - As I said in the OP all the pages have been published and are there. Just not showing in the sidebar.

Hi Iain.Brown,

Thank you for posting about this! Can you please share the link to your prototype with us so we may look into this further? If you would rather not share the link on this post, please email it to us at

Thank you!

Axure Customer Support