Parallax scrolling in mobile view

Hi guys
I need to create Parallax scrolling effect in mobile app. how I do that? please help me.


Creating paralax is actually quite simple but mobile browsers have sometimes issues with executing OnWindowScroll event in a smooth fashion and the paralax can be a bit… jumpy.

Here you can find an example how it can look like:

And here is the file:
SimpleParalax.rp (48.1 KB)

The idea is to simply “slow down” an element when we scroll down (or up) by forcing it to move to a position smaller than current Window.ScrollY value (therefore I divide it by 2).

Hope this helps.

Hi Azrael,

Thank you for your help, but this tricks I know.
It has happened based on deafult window/browser x,y cordinate.
But If I put my content in a mobile frame then how it will work, that is my concern.


Hi Sourav!

One way to tweak Azrael’s setup for your project is to move the existing interaction from the OnWindowScroll event to the OnScroll event of your dynamic panel or mobile frame; you’ll also want to change the “Window.ScrollY” bit to “This.ScrollY”: SimpleParalax_Edit.rp (59.0 KB)


Hi Alex!

appreciate to giving your time, thank you so much.