Parent and child tree with repeaters

Hi I am quite new with Axure, and I would like to create a tree, where the user can add a row with empty input text field and be able to save that data.

This tree should be flexible enough to add parent, child and subchild.

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Forum.rp (168.6 KB)

How can I stop when one row is added to edit all the others input texts?

UnderTheTree.rp (168.7 KB)

For those following along at home, rbuzhar wrote in to our help desk and we’ve been assisting with this prototype. For anyone looking to add a new row beneath the currently selected repeater row, the forum post below should help:

For an example of how to create a visual hierarchy within a repeater, the example linked below should help:

As far as the issue specific to the second post above, all of the rows were showing as editable because the button that adds the repeater was showing the editable group for all rows of the repeater, rather than just the newly added row. To have the editable group only show for the newly added row, you can create a new column in the repeater that stores information about whether the row is new or not. When the row gets added to the repeater, update the value in that column to something like “Yes” in the Add Rows action. This in turn will allow you to use conditional logic OnItemLoad of the repeater (which fires after the new row gets added) to check whether that column value equals “yes”, and then shows the editable group if this holds true. This helps to prevent all of the rows from showing their text fields.

Hopefully that helps! :slight_smile:

Here’s something I cobbled together using dynamic panel states to push/pull each rows indent.

I wasn’t able to completely figure out the proper sorting when you start adding rows into previous groups, but it works pretty well if you add everything in order. :slight_smile:

Maybe you’ll be able to use the rest of the responses to get it fully working.

DynamicTree.rp (1001.0 KB)


Thank you Huban,

I gave up and moved to XD to a fake mockups, I will get back to this is Axure now! Thank you again!!