Passing data from repeater to another page

Hi, I’ve looked at a number of posts on here but there are none I can see that answer my question. That said, I am a newbie, so some them did go over my head a little.

I have a couple of fields (Name and ID) and an Add button that adds new rows to my repeater. This builds up a nice grid of rows. I then want to pass the values from the Name field into fields on another page. I’m not sure how to store values in the Name column from my repeater into global variables so that I can load them in the other page.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Hi JopSmith,

Repeater data doesn’t persist across pages, so you’ll need to use a workaround to do this (which could get a little complex, depending on what you need). If you’re only adding a limited number of rows, you could go with your mentioned method of creating a global value for each row’s “Name” field and then storing the Name values for each added row into those variables using a “Set Variable Value” action.

On the other hand, if you need to be able to store the data of multiple rows without limit, you could try having a global variable that stores the cumulative data of each repeater column instead of row (e.g. a global variable called “Name” to store all of the entries in the repeater’s “Name” column) separated by special characters. Using some JavaScript methods, the data stored in that variable can then be extracted and used on another page. Anthony posted a very detailed tutorial of this method here:

Another less involved option could be to create a dynamic panel with separate states containing your two pages and then switching between those states to simulate two different pages; this way you could access your repeater’s data directly on the same page without having to pass it over.

I hope this is helpful!

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I want to fetch the values in (Form page ) first page and display it in the repeater in second page.
Its working fine for the first time but when i go back to fist page( form page) and enter a new set of value, repeater in the second page in getting updated to the new value to instead of adding one more row to it . Can anyone solve this newbie’s issue?

Thanks in advance.
repeater.rp (65.1 KB)

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