Password Protected Protos Come Up Blank

When I try to access one of my password protected prototypes on Axshare, after entering the pw, I get a blank screen. In fact I look at the bottom of my window on a large screen, I see a portion of the pw field, and ‘CLOSE’ text in the upper left corner, but nothing else.

Anyone know what’s going on?


I have the same problem.

This is what I got from “” :

Thanks for writing in about this! It looks like some users experienced not being able to access prototypes due to some testing. This has been rolled back and the issue should be resolved. Please try loading your prototype once again, and please let me know if you happen to run into any further issues.

Thank you, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Now, our custom password pages are gone and the default page opened has this at the end of the URL “/resources/expand.html” opening a blank page.


Hmm, it sounds like you’re both seeing blank pages instead of your prototype after submitting your password to the password page. To verify, are either of you using Firefox? If so, does using the displayed portion of the prototype sidebar and selecting a page or using a different browser help? There’s an issue where sometimes prototypes in Firefox don’t open up the default page in the prototype, so the above should help if that’s the case.

If you’re not using Firefox or you still see that you get blank pages, then please try opening the custom password page in your browser and save the .HAR file from the developer tools “Network” tab. Once you’ve saved the .HAR file, please email it to so that we can take a look at what’s happening on your end when the page renders blank. Thank you!

Oddly enough, today I’m unable to replicate the problem on my end, so I can save the .HAR file. The protos are working right now in Safari, Firefox and Chrome on Mac.

However, my coworker noticed a slight difference in the URLs I’ve given him:

…… This works.
…… Does not work.

Did the axshare service generate different URLs at one point, one of which is not working?

Hi! Regarding the issues with the custom password pages, I’ve been advised by the Axure Share team that these should be resolved (i.e. custom password pages should show again and allow login to view the prototype).

Regarding the issue you’re seeing with one URL working and one not, I tested both on my end with a custom password protected project and was able to log in and view the prototype at both URLs. Are you still seeing this issue now? What are they seeing when the URL doesn’t work; is there a problem at the custom password page level or with the prototype itself? If it’s a separate issue than the above then could you have them write an email to with more info so that we can assist? Thank you!

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