Password validation: number + letter combo

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I’m trying to validate a password that MUST contain at least one letter AND one number AND not contain any special characters (with conditional associated error messages). It also needs to check for an empty field and display a specific error in that case.

Regarding the combo letter + number (most important to have working), I have something similar set up for the email field where it checks for a “.” AND a “@” but in the letter and number case, when the combo is more open like any letter or any number I’m not sure how to set it up. Is there a formula to check for numbers 0-9 and letters a-z? So I can set it up similar to the email address field?

Beyond that, what I’m hoping is to get a password field working that will check separately for 1. an empty state (and display a specific error) 2. a number + letter combo (and display a specific error) 3. no special characters (and display a specific error). Or at least get #1 and #2 working together?

Password Validation.rp (746.4 KB)


Hi @mollycm,

Something like that?
Password errors.rp (58.9 KB)

If so, it’s a bit of mathematical logic:


  • Sorry I didn’t see your prototype at first so I created one from scratch
  • By the way I think that a dynamic panel would be a lot easier than hide/show element to deal with many error types

Hope it will help you,

Thanks Pierre! Very helpful!

I do agree about the dynamic panels…I have that one specifically set up that way for a reason (bit of a long story so I’ll spare you). Thanks for the tip on that too though!

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